Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon (Translation: Madhubala – A love, a passion) is an Indian television series. Synopsis Madhubala revolves around a middle-class girl, Madhubala Malik, who was born on a film set and destined to become a heroine. She has grown up surrounded by the movie world but she is a simple girl […]


Is an office hour À.  It is a satire on the challenges of running or working in a growing company. It showcases the tough moments of MDs and staff of an entertainment company ‘’SMART INTERNATIONAL. Roscoe , the MD of Smart international is saddled with the reality of limited funds to run his company, he […]


Living with the Alfred’s is a story of spiral effects, of a continuous circle; ‘karma’ is the word… for what goes around comes around. Chief Alfred is an international fraudster who loves to live a flamboyant life  as against his wife’s conservative Life style.  His children have learnt to steal   from his ill-gotten wealth and […]


Corpers’ Lodge is a sitcom revolving around the Nigerian youth service corp members scattered across cities and villages within Nigeria during the mandatory service year. It’s a satire on Nigeria; the intriguing, heterogeneous and diverse yet linked cultures that makes us a thriving community of people. The episodes take a closely knitted glance at the […]


BIGSPIN Entertainment presents Ivanca season 1. IVANCA is a Yemi O’s film which tells the story of pregnant teenagers in their distress in a society where they are the most vulnerable and most preferred target of all kinds of abuses, molestation, rape, oppression. Shot in the historic first storey building in Nigeria, located in Badagry, […]


Maria (Anne Oboho) would do anything to get her ex-husband back into her life. Kingsley (Keppy Epkeyong), would go to the end of the world to pay up his bank debt. When Maria suddenly discovered she has One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira inheritance to claim with Kingsley’s signature, it turns out to be the […]

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